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Some Tips to Distinguish Good or Bad LED Light Bulbs

A lot of unqualified LED globe light bulbs had been put into the LED lighting market by led light bulb manufacturers because of the vicious competition. LED light bulbs are losing the real value of energy saving, long lifespan, and environmental protection. How to distinguish LED light bulbs? Maybe the following 7 tips will help you. 

1. In the light of hardware's quality. The quality of the hardware is based on the quality of LED chips and drivers, and the packaging technology. 

2. In the light of heat-removal system- material and frame. It's very important to lose heat for large globe light bulbs if the radiation condition is not good, the whole lamp body will work in a high temperature and will surely reduce its working lifetime. What's more, the Lumen depreciation and light failure will be very large. 

3. In the light of Power Factor. The lower power factor, the worse LED driver, and circuit design. Low factor power makes LED products shorter lifetime, even they have the best cooling system.

4. In the light of LED Drive. The working time of LED globe light bulb determined by the LED driver. Because the driver's lifetime is much shorter than other parts. For example, the LED chips have 30,000 to 50,000 hours lifetime, but the driver only has 15,000 to 30,000 hours. LED driver's working time is based on the project design of power supply and material chosen. 

5. In the light of lighting Light Effect. At the same power, the higher lighting effect, the brighter LED light bulbs. Therefore, At the same brightness, the power is much lower to saving the energy. 

6. In the light of Power Efficiency. It's great for the LED bulb to have a higher power efficiency. Because if LED driver consumes less power, the light source will output more power. Especially be used for led street lamp.

7. In the light of Quality. Good quality light bulbs should meet other requirements just like dustproof and waterproof protection, antimagnetic, surge protection, leakage protection and so on. 

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