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The Classifying Ability of LED Globe Light Bulbs Factory

An excellent LED globe light bulbs factory can not only provide high quality, but also has the ability of classifying color temperature, brightness and liftime. High quality globe light bulb factories should provide consistent products with stable characteristics. And a low quality globe bulb supplier can only provide products which is similar to "conventional" LED. 

As for applications on top-of-the-line and strict quality requirements, such as the lights at the boundary of the runway, must satisfy the color temperature and brightness according  the FAA level standard. In order to ensure the safety, performance and consistency of the LED packaging is strictly limited. There will be a series of inconsistency problem if poor packaging grade factories’ s products have been used in the strictly demanded area. In order to avoid the equipment downtime and ensure that the design of the LED with reliable performance, It is important to avoiding a "conventional" product used in top-high applications which was made by low side LED globe light bulb factory. 

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