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The Application Range of LED Globe Light Bulb

In recent years, the application range of led globe light bulbs becomes wider and wider both in industrial and home use area. The most popular application is as following.

Firstly, use in lighting such as Decorative Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor Lamps and Lanterns just like droplight, table lamp, wall lamp, pillar lamp, chandelier ( Crystal lamp). Because of the increase of brightness and failing prices of the LED globe light bulb, and superadded its long service life, low power consumption, drive and control degrees compared with neon lights, many people useLED globe light bulbs to decorate the Bridges, such as landscape engineering construction.

The Application Range of LED Globe Light Bulb
Secondly, use in traffic signal lamp. Using LED globe light bulbs as beacon light source has been many years. And on the application of road traffic signal lamp, it also has made great development over the past few years.

Thirdly, used in car lights. High power LED globe light bulb can be made into car's brake lights, tail lights and turn signal lights. They can also be used for instrument lighting and car interior lighting, they are better than ordinary incandescent lamp and has the advantages of shock resistance, low power consumption.

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